The Leadership Quest

The Leadership Quest is the Human Quest!

We began our journey at The Core Questin with this very simple yet powerful premise.
We always knew that leadership is not a destination. It isn’t a title or a designation. It is a journey that starts every day.
And as we reflected deeply about what it takes to walk this journey – to grow as a leader, succeed in an increasingly complex world, and have a real impact beyond our own selves – we realized that this is the very same journey we undertake to grow as human beings.
A journey of self-discovery, of stretching and learning, failure and courage. And most importantly, digging deep to fulfil our potential.
This quest can be challenging and complex. It asks us to be adaptable, empathetic, and courageous in the face of uncertainty and change. It also demands that we cultivate a deep sense of purpose and meaning, and learn to truly care for something beyond our individual interests and ambitions.
Paradoxically, as we learn to look beyond ourselves, it becomes easier to become ourselves. Our whole, powerful, brilliant selves – unhindered by masks or the fear of failing or looking bad.
And as we live more fully into who we are, and the purpose we were born to fulfil – we grow as leaders who make a real impact in the world.
As Warren Bennis said, ‘becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.’
If you are on a leadership journey and resonate with this core belief, we would love to chat. We are on a mission to support your quest; to help you thrive.

About Shweta Anand Arora

Shweta Anand Arora is the founder of The Core Questin. She is a Leadership and Life Coach, who works with leaders across the corporate, social enterprise and non-profit space. Shweta holds an M.Ed. from Harvard University, an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and is a graduate of Coach for Life, USA.

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