“Leadership is not a job title. It is a journey that starts everyday.”

Who we are

We are leaders from a previous life. We care about helping you be your best self. Our approach reflects our experience, knowledge and values.

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What we do

Put simply, we coach leaders and support their leadership journeys. We're passionate about helping leaders achieve their true potential.

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Our Secret Sauce

We help you build a deep and enduring connection with your core self - your purpose, values and gifts. That is our secret sauce.

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Many unique coaching journeys

Coaching Journeys ©rameet arora


While each coaching journey is unique, there are some common contexts in which we support clients. Whether you are figuring out what’s next, looking for greater purpose, transitioning to a new role or hoping to enhance your leadership in your current context, our coaching can support your quest.


What can a coach help you with?


Greater self-awareness

Find the ability to appreciate your strengths and consistently operate from them, and the gift of identifying and overcoming self-limiting beliefs and patterns.

Greater impact

Deliver greater impact professionally - on people, culture and business; and personally - in areas of life that you value, by unlocking your best self.

Easier Transitions

Make more intentional decisions. And succeed in a new career, role or assignment, by navigating the challenges and learning demands in new unfamiliar circumstances.

Clarity and alignment – Purpose

Answer the questions 'Who am I?' and 'Why am I here?' Through alignment with your purpose, find energy, joy and flow, and ultimately, greater success and fulfillment.

Harnessing a growth mindset

Nurture the courage to take on bigger challenges, the resilience to work through them, and the flexibility to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing world.

Synergy, effectiveness and impact of leadership team

Operate in sync, aligned to a common purpose and shared goals, to deliver greater impact. Enable your leadership team to unleash success through the rest of the organisation.

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  • We work with CEOs, founders, leaders from many different sectors. Our clients come from non-profits, MNCs, consulting firms and startups.
  • Our current client list spans India, China, USA, Canada and Singapore. Technology enables us to deliver our sevices effectively across geographies. Of course, if one of us is in your city or can be, that is a great option.


Prameet Kamat
Prameet KamatCEO, Delta Agrigenetics

“Shweta is a sharp and incisive leadership coach, with an ability to line up your strengths with your goals effortlessly. Her calm manner and focus on positives leaves you feeling stronger and equipped. I find myself lighter, easier and more productive through our sessions.”

Sumedha Khoche
Sumedha KhocheCEO and Founder, KinderPass

“Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey and an emotionally charged one. It’s a bit like crossing the widest river by feeling the pebbles, one step at a time. When the currents are strong and you feel the water rising - a coach like Shweta can really help by steadying your balance, bringing things back in focus and by guiding you to your best."

I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying"

- Michael Jordan

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