“We are on a mission to help you thrive. When you thrive, it shows!”

Who we are

We are a consulting and leadership coaching company. We are pedigreed business leaders turned growth catalysts, passionately helping leaders, teams and organizations to thrive.

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What we do

We coach leaders. We help unlock leadership teams for their true potential. And we catalyze growth and impact in companies through the key levers of purpose, strategy, and culture. Put simply, we help organizations thrive.

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Our Secret Sauce

We believe in the inherent potential in you and your organization. We believe the alignment of purpose that drives strategy, and culture that enables it, leads to extraordinary outcomes. This is our secret sauce!

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Thriving leaders!

We help leaders to
up their inner and outer game. Our highly qualified and experienced coaches help leaders to discover their true potential and grow their leadership impact, thereby impacting the outcomes that matter most to them.

Thriving teams!

Impact of leaders is
multiplied through cohesive and aligned teams. Starting from the top, we help build trust and accountability in teams, and drive clarity around key questions of purpose, strategy and culture.

Thriving organisations!

We support alignment around
purpose, culture, strategy through the organisation. We work on systemic shifts that empower strategy and deliver results; and help organisations create greater energy and commitment via articulation and convergence to a common purpose and set of values.

Significant, systemic, sustainable impact!

(C) The Core Questin
(C) The Core Questin


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Our blog reflects our thinking, and who we are. We write about leadership, purpose, coaching, transitions, diversity and other areas that we're passionate about. Check us out.

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Values That Create Value- The IBM Story

In 1911, Endicott, New York, a company called “Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR)” was founded by Herman Hollerith, Charles Flint and Thomas J. Watson Sr. A company we now know as IBM. The founders enshrined three core values into the company: “Respect for the individual”, “The best customer service” and “The pursuit of excellence”. The values that were meant …

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