“Our value is the sum of our values”

Joseph Patten

The best way to know us is to know what we believe in, which values are dear to us, what is our view of the world and why we do what we do. We strive to live these values ourselves, and bring them alive for the people and organisations we work with.

We believe the world can be better with better leaders.

The Core Questin was founded with the purpose of helping leaders and leadership teams achieve their full potential. At our core, we believe that each time we do this, we impact the world. One leader at a time.

We believe purpose is core to success.

We believe purpose has the power to create extraordinary action – for individuals and for organisations. It is our belief that when we align to a purpose bigger than ourselves, we unlock a power beyond ourselves.

We believe leadership is a journey that starts everyday.

At The Core Questin, we don’t think leadership is a destination or an end goal. It certainly is not a title. Leadership is a journey that starts every day. It is about holding a growth mindset, learning from failure, stretching and challenging ourselves.

We believe in diversity.

We believe the world needs to get more inclusive and go beyond mere lip service to diversity – urgently. Our success depends on diverse perspectives, sensitivity and empathy. At The Core Questin, we are deeply passionate about seeing more women in leadership, and we support organisations and women leaders to make this happen.

We believe in honesty and authenticity.

We believe that being able to bring our whole, authentic self to work is essential to unlock our full energy and the actual power of diversity. Leaders who model this create the space for the rest of the team to be their authentic selves too. Living authentically, we believe, is key to our growth and the success of our organisations.

We believe in the core quest-in.

We believe in the quest to fulfill human potential. We believe that our answers lie within. Each of us has a unique, magnificent core, and our true power lies in aligning with that most authentic self. Therein lies the secret to success and fulfillment.

We believe in you.

We believe you are brilliant, creative and resourceful, and have your own best answers. We find joy and fulfillment in supporting your journey to find your inner power and become your best self.

We actively seek to work with leaders who see us for what we are. Our purpose, our values and our passion. We look forward to hearing from you soon, to have a conversation around your journey.

    Leadership is a journey that starts everyday
    Leadership is a journey that starts everyday

    I have learned that leadership is not defined by roles and designations. It is not about traits, but about actions. And it's a journey, not a destination...

    Why women need to be counted
    Why women need to be counted

    Did you know how dramatically women are missing from the data across multiple disciplines? As a result, decisions are based on male data, which is assumed to be representative of all. The results range from disappointing to downright disastrous.

    Putting purpose first
    Putting purpose first

    Purpose can play a powerful performance-enhancing role for individuals, and for organisations. This is supported by neuroscience, and by research on company performance. Yet, there is distance to go.

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