Our only agenda is to help you thrive

We recognise every client and each journey is unique. The tools we deploy to help you are driven by your agenda and what we seek to achieve, together.

Our three key areas of work

Coaching leaders

Our highly qualified and experienced leadership coaches help leaders to discover their true potential and grow their leadership impact, thereby impacting the outcomes that matter most to them.

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Unlocking teams

Through a blend of coaching, team interventions and facilitation, we help create powerful, cohesive teams. Starting from the top, we help build trust and accountability in teams, and drive clarity around key questions of purpose, strategy and culture. It is our belief that the impact of leaders is multiplied through cohesive and aligned teams.

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Shifting culture

We believe that alignment on culture is a critical ingredient for organisations to truly thrive. We work on systemic shifts that empower strategy and deliver results; and help organisations create greater energy and commitment via articulation and convergence to a common purpose and set of values.

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When you thrive, it shows!

Thriving Organisations are far more adept at managing change, growth, scale and increasing complexity. If you’re a high growth organisation and seek to stay on that curve, you already know that the secret to that is the ability to grow through people. We call it human-centric growth. And we believe thriving organisations are built to adapt.


Thriving organisations are: change-ready, set up to deal with escalating complexity, non-linearity and unpredictability, and set up to manage scale and growth. 

When you thrive, it shows!


Where is your organisation on this spectrum of surving to thriving?

From Surviving to Thriving

How we help you thrive!



Our offering is driven by the specific needs of leaders, leadership teams and organisations. The tools we deploy are determined by what we seek to achieve together.


We operate off the belief that any people-system, be it a leader, a leadership team or the organisation, can only fulfil its potential when it is leveraging its inherent strengths and is connected to its core. This is why we place emphasis on self-awareness, and diagnosis.


Our work also comes from the point of view that organisations in which leadership, purpose, strategy and culture are aligned, are poised to deliver impact externally.

These are the four axes we seek to leverage via our work to achieve significant, systemic, sustainable impact – to help you thrive!

We partner for change at many levels!

Partnership for change



The Core Questin partners with you to embed shifts at multiple levels, in order to create change-readiness in the system. Starting with the internal, we surface greater awareness at both individual and collective levels, which then influences the external, more visible parameters. Shifts at all of these four levels enable a vastly enhanced readiness and momentum for change and growth.


All our work is designed for Significant, Sustainable, Systemic impact.

The roots of our work

The Core Questin Approach
(c) The Core Questin

At The Core Questin, our approach is rooted in multi-disciplinary origins: neuroscience, positive psychology, building high-performing teams, deep research on leadership & purpose, approaches to innovation, including design thinking and lean startup, and the work of coaching masters.


The scientific basis for our work

We help organisations to clearly articulate their purpose and values, and support leaders to model and embody them.

- The Core Questin

Some things we believe in

Putting purpose first
Putting purpose first

Purpose can play a powerful performance-enhancing role for individuals, and for organisations. This is supported by neuroscience, and by research on company performance. Yet, there is distance to go.

Leadership is a journey that starts everyday
Leadership is a journey that starts everyday

I have learned that leadership is not defined by roles and designations. It is not about traits, but about actions. And it's a journey, not a destination...

Why women need to be counted
Why women need to be counted

Did you know how dramatically women are missing from the data across multiple disciplines? As a result, decisions are based on male data, which is assumed to be representative of all. The results range from disappointing to downright disastrous.

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