The agenda for your coaching journey is set by you.

So every coaching journey is unique. There are some contexts however that paint a broad picture of our current practice. Browse to know more.

Individual journeys

Yin and Yang for innovation

Lead Positive

The Lead Positive journey supports leaders, founders and entrepreneurs through a genuine and objective thought partnership. It empowers you to set your pace, clarify priorities, focus on what is important, line up strengths and personal purpose, and deliver more impact.

Jump Start

A new role is exciting, but also challenging. Often, it requires us to operate in completely new ways. Whether you are getting ready for a big promotion, or integrating into a new organisation, the Jump Start journey can help you bring your A-game.

Women Lead

As more women get ready to take their rightful place in leadership, it is our endeavour to help them scale the board room and beyond, and for companies to be able to build strong, diverse teams. The Women Lead journey has been created with a focus on women leaders.

Transition GPS

Careers are no longer linear and involve transitions, re-inventions, and re-starts. Transition GPS helps leaders navigate through periods of uncertainty. Discover your purpose, find your next calling and define a new path.

Purpose First

Leaders of organisations that blend purpose with other more traditional metrics, face a unique set of challenges. The Purpose First journey supports leaders of non-profits, social enterprises, and purpose-driven corporates, in the quest to create a better world, sustainably.

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Leadership teams/ groups

Group Coaching

Group Programs for Women Leaders

As organisations become committed to diversity and inclusion, it becomes critical to manage retention and growth of women leaders in the organisation, and offer them
tailored opportunities to navigate their careers and expand their leadership. This program aims to do so through a combination of training and group coaching.

LeadersShip: Team Effectiveness

It is a well-established fact that strong leadership teams deliver far more returns than a group of individual leaders, however prolific. These teams are characterised by clear roles, supportive yet honest interpersonal relationships, and a common set of norms. Through LeadersShip, we help companies build strong, aligned teams.

Aligning to a Common Purpose

Leadership teams that are aligned towards the passionate pursuit of a single purpose are far more effective. A strong purpose also creates more engaged employees and loyal customers. We help organisations to clearly articulate their purpose and values, support leaders to model and embody them, and ensure that the workforce engages with them.

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We help organisations to clearly articulate their purpose and values, and support leaders to model and embody them.

- The Core Questin

Our approach

Our approach


The core of our coaching process is based on supporting an inward quest – the discovery and articulation of your core self, and the expansion of your self-awareness. Our belief is that the most impactful and enduring answers are within us, and the coaching process facilitates the insight that helps us find them. As we find greater alignment with who we are, we create the energy and flow to fulfill our personal and professional goals.


The one-on-one coaching process is driven by the agenda that each leader brings to the table. This can be informed by our customised coaching tools, for example, the coaching wheel specific for each offering above (example for Purpose First is shown below). In the corporate context, an upfront Anchoring session attended by the coach, coachee and their accountability support structure, also helps add to the broad learning agenda. A mid-term and end-term review help to reflect on progress made towards these goals.


Group programs are designed and delivered based on a discussion with the organisation on the context, purpose of the intervention and desired outcomes.


Some things we believe in

Putting purpose first
Putting purpose first

Purpose can play a powerful performance-enhancing role for individuals, and for organisations. This is supported by neuroscience, and by research on company performance. Yet, there is distance to go.

Leadership is a journey that starts everyday
Leadership is a journey that starts everyday

I have learned that leadership is not defined by roles and designations. It is not about traits, but about actions. And it's a journey, not a destination...

Why women need to be counted
Why women need to be counted

Did you know how dramatically women are missing from the data across multiple disciplines? As a result, decisions are based on male data, which is assumed to be representative of all. The results range from disappointing to downright disastrous.

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