Do good leaders make a good team?

This is a true story. The setting is a corporate boardroom after a poor quarter. The Managing Director asks, very calmly, but seriously, on how the team feels the quarter went. One by one, each functional leader speaks. Each of them is well prepared, anticipating the question and keen to put out a thought-through perspective. Each leader acknowledges that it was a bad quarter, but then talks about how each of their teams has worked hard AND delivered. The MD is taking copious notes.

When everyone finishes, he takes a moment to reflect and then addresses the group with a confused, worried look: “Each of you and your teams have delivered, but the company has failed. How does that add up? It looks like only I have failed.”

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is a fairly common story theme in many organizations. Many of the leaders we work with, speak about finding ways to help their leadership group punch above the weight class of their individual CVs and functional expertise. Sounds basic, but is it?

Put simply, the big difference between a promising group and a great team is true cohesion and a shared goal. Strong teams demonstrate individual and collective commitment to the team’s goal and don’t shy from accountability. They have the foundation of trust to challenge each other, and also ask for help in the service of that goal.

The question for you is, does your team have a rallying cry, a cause, a goal that is bigger than each individual’s personal ambition anf functional goals? 

In his groundbreaking book ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’, Pat Lencioni talks about the inherent dysfunctions in any team, irrespective of how good its members are. He postulates that the most critical step to building a healthy, thriving organization is to build a cohesive Leadership Team that puts team and organization before self and function.

This has never been more important than today, when “how we work together” is being disrupted and redefined in so many ways. We like to believe it is an essential ingredient in companies finding their ability to thrive. 

At The Core Questin, we specialize in creating strong, cohesive Leadership Teams via a 6-9 month programme. Much of our work is based on Lencioni’s proven model that has helped strengthen thousands of teams globally. Over the last year we have helped organizations across the world build stronger teams – through diagnostics, workshops and interventions. We’d love to tell you more.

We’re always available to chat, so reach out and let us know how you’d like to connect.

About Rameet Arora

Rameet is a highly awarded business leader and marketer, writer, keynote speaker and mentor. He is a co-founder, and leadership coach at The Core Questin

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