Do you excessively analyze failure?

How about doing a bit of that for your successes?


A while ago, I was reading Anita & Harsha Bhogle’s lovely book ‘The Winning Way’. Among the many things that resonated, was the point on how we almost always analyse our failures but very rarely our successes. And my first reaction to that was – “Yeah, I do that.” And then “So what’s wrong with that? Aren’t we supposed to learn from our failures?”

A little while later the penny dropped; I was reacting only to the first part of the sentence. I asked myself why I don’t analyze my successes as often and got no real answer back. There’s no good reason for not doing it. Apart from conditioning.

And I realized that this was my biggest issue how I was approaching our coaching business – I was focusing only on the few things I wasn’t doing well, not on what was working.

I tied that back to two things that Master Coach and our Guru, Peter Reding says – 1. What you focus on, expands and 2. 98% of the things we do are working for us.

Net, I was engaging all of my productive powers in analyzing and agonizing about the 2% that was not working. When I should have tried to find the solutions in the 98% that was.

We succeed when we do something well, when we harness our strengths, values and motivation to make things happen.  Not by doing something less badly. Analyzing failures is good learning to not repeat mistakes but finding solutions lies in our strengths.

And that was my lesson going forward. I’ve tried that for a few weeks and it’s already working! I can feel the momentum shifting. I can feel more doors opening and the energy far more positive.

What do you do with your success and failures? Happy to hear about your experiences, advise or perspective. Leave your comments below or get in touch with us here

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