How I became an entrepreneur

How I became a founder

I once jumped off a cliff into a river many many feet below. The instructor told me not to look down – if I did, I would just freeze. The only way to do it was to trust and take the leap.

It was a similar feeling when I first wrote ‘Founder’ against my name on LinkedIn.

I felt a whole cocktail of emotions – excitement, inspiration, awe, fear, trepidation, anxiety.

If you had ever asked me if I would be an entrepreneur, I would have told you – I don’t have a single entrepreneurial bone in my body!

I repeated this line so many times that I truly believed it.

And so, what changed? What made me decide to start something new in a year which wasn’t really the year to start new things? Or at least not things that were part of discretionary budgets that would be the first to get cut?

I think it was two things.

One, finding a purpose so strong and work so aligned with my ‘Ikigai’ that there was no question about the road to be taken.

And second, learning that what limits us is only the human mind.

The same mind that, if we set free, can allow humans to take flight, societies to truly change, and a vaccine to be developed in less than a year.

So, what limits are you imposing on yourself that it’s time to break free of?


About Shweta Anand Arora

Shweta Anand Arora is the founder of The Core Questin. She is a Leadership and Life Coach, who works with leaders across the corporate, social enterprise and non-profit space. Shweta holds an M.Ed. from Harvard University, an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and is a graduate of Coach for Life, USA.

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