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Change Fatigue

Change fatigue: an unspoken reality

Most change, especially if it is sudden and discontinuous, is painful. A prolonged change journey can lead to attrition, reduced engagement, and loss of trust. In fact, the other side of change is not as celebratory as most leaders dream of it being while in battle with the unknowns. In this article rameet arora discusses the unpoken reality of change fatigue.

Coaching agenda

The Coaching Agenda: D.E.F.S.T.A.R Now!

Does the choice or articulation of the agenda have a bearing on what could be achieved in a coaching session? Is it important to think through an agenda before your session? How can you chisel the agenda to help the session be more productive? I have been asked this question often and it is a pertinent question because the agenda is the point of leverage in a coaching session. Based on his experience across clients, Rameet arora offers a view on what a useful agenda might look like.

Post-it Listening

The power of listening- part 3. Post it listening.

There is nothing more powerful in a meeting than a good listener. Especially a collaborative listener. When a presenter feels he or she is being listened to, they are more confident, more articulate and often more insightful. As a leader, it is not just important to you but also to the room you are leading that you listen actively. But what do you do if you have a short attention span? The author shares a unique way to start building demonstrable and collaborative listening, despite challenges.