Putting purpose first – Part 2

John Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods, starts his book Conscious Leadership with the chapter ‘Put Purpose First’.

He shares that living his life in accordance with his purpose is responsible for bringing him where he is, and for creating his personal and business success.

He has also long been an advocate for making purpose central in organisations. His leadership of Whole Foods and his visionary thinking about businesses being responsible to stakeholders beyond their investors – including employees, humanity and the planet, bear testament to this.

Mackey believes each one of us is capable of living by our purpose. ‘It’s like radio waves, they’re there, you just need to tune in’

How does one do that?

1. Listen to yourself, the answer is there within you. Meditate, slow down, do what it takes to tune into your inner voice
2. Fight the fear and have the courage to follow that inner voice. Step off the path of conventional expectations, if that’s what is needed
3. Take the risk, that’s the only way to live your hero’s journey!

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About Shweta Anand Arora

Shweta Anand Arora is the founder of The Core Questin. She is a Leadership and Life Coach, who works with leaders across the corporate, social enterprise and non-profit space. Shweta holds an M.Ed. from Harvard University, an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and is a graduate of Coach for Life, USA.

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