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Post-it Listening

The power of listening- part 3. Post it listening.

There is nothing more powerful in a meeting than a good listener. Especially a collaborative listener. When a presenter feels he or she is being listened to, they are more confident, more articulate and often more insightful. As a leader, it is not just important to you but also to the room you are leading that you listen actively. But what do you do if you have a short attention span? The author shares a unique way to start building demonstrable and collaborative listening, despite challenges.

The power of listening

Leadership and change work depends on the quality of the leader or coach to observe and adapt his or her quality of listening. However listening is probably the most underrated and under-practiced skill in the world. Every one thinks they do it, almost everyone secretly knows, they could do better. This blog helps with a simple construct to be more self aware and listen better.

Retracing your route

Unlearning to learn

Unlearning plays a big role in life, especially while learning new skills or changing careers. In this piece, the author talks about three key skills he needed to acquire to become a good coach – the power of listening in, the value of great questions and the importance of focusing only on the positive. That however, involved unlearning what corporate life had instilled over the last decade or so.