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A brand is born

There’s a baby in the house. I finally named her!

A brand is like a child. Its birth brings unbridled and unknown emotion. And everything needs to be perfect. Or so I learned as I created a brand recently.

Some of you saw me obsessing. The name needed to bring alive who I am and what I bring to the table. Most importantly, I needed to love it. Many, many ideas later, please welcome

The Core QuestIn

The name reflects the inevitable and necessary quest within, to discover and unlock our best self and our true potential as leaders. It also reflects my own journey, my search for purpose and what brought me to being a leadership coach. And the core question that each of us seeking to answer.

When I briefed for design, like any passionate entrepreneur, I wanted my logo to say everything. Incredulously, I think we may have actually achieved that, with a few delightful layers to peel!

The color symbolises growth, regeneration and authenticity. The rounded font is for the safe space with no sharp edges. The powerful little mnemonic, our proud Q, represents something we do every day on our devices, zoom in. Only this time it’s a different discovery.

The Core Questin. Now open to quest-ers and clients!

About Shweta Anand Arora

Shweta Anand Arora is the founder of The Core Questin. She is a Leadership and Life Coach, who works with leaders across the corporate, social enterprise and non-profit space. Shweta holds an M.Ed. from Harvard University, an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and is a graduate of Coach for Life, USA.

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