Prameet Kamat
Prameet KamatCEO, Delta Agrigenetics

Shweta is a sharp and incisive leadership coach, with an ability to line up your strengths with your goals effortlessly. Her calm manner and focus on positives leaves you feeling stronger and equipped. I find myself lighter, easier and more productive through our sessions.

Sumedha Khoche
Sumedha KhocheCEO and Founder, KinderPass

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey and an emotionally charged one. It’s a bit like crossing the widest river by feeling the pebbles, one step at a time. When the currents are strong and you feel the water rising - a coach like Shweta can really help by steadying your balance, bringing things back in focus and by guiding you to your best performance.

Kanwal Singh
Kanwal SinghCEO, Shanghai VA Instrument Co. Ltd

I'd recommend Shweta as a coach as you look for support to better understand your core values, strengths, and your life's purpose. Her methods and techniques have brought me self awareness and clarified the deeper connection between why I do something in a particular way, my strengths, and my weaknesses. Sessions over the last three months have empowered me to handle various situations by focusing on my core strengths and values. Working with Shweta has given me a perspective towards approaching life and problems, something that I never had before. I would highly recommend Shweta as your professional coach.

Preeti Gupta
Preeti GuptaChief Business Officer, Nykaa

Shweta is an extremely intelligent and calm professional. Her ability to see through the words and really get to the depth of an issue, to observe patterns in your behaviour, and to build a deep emotional connect with you makes her a great coach.

She is invested in my success and will constantly look for ways to help me seek my path. A path which emanates from my core values and life purpose.

It’s great to have her on my side and I would recommend her to all leaders who are looking to build outstanding teams.

Sunainika Singh
Sunainika Singh Chocolate Innovations Lead, Mondelez International, India

Coaching with Shweta has been a transformational journey. She doesn’t let you hide any of the buried challenges that have or could be potential barriers to become your best self. While her coaching style is about letting you set your objectives and what you want to achieve, her astute insights keep rounding back to the core question till at the end of the journey you have enough tools and tricks to self-regulate to keep striving towards your purpose. My sessions with Shweta have powered me to get into my flow, build a strong positive eco-system for myself, which I believe is a skill for life. As a result of this coaching, with a combination of conscious karma and grit - my mind is more open & secure than ever, opportunities that I didn't see before have become more visible. Fearlessness to have more open conversations in order to discover more avenues to growth has been the biggest highlight.

Aakriti Gupta
Aakriti GuptaSystems Thinking Coach & Founder-CEO, Unbound

I signed up for coaching with Shweta, expecting to get some guidance to some persistent challenges. What I didn’t anticipate was that she’ll help me navigate to the core issue and seed a spark for the clear alternative ahead so quickly.
She helped me reflect on my journey, under soft nudges from her. I am pleasantly surprised by what I learned, and have started working in the direction that’s suddenly lit up. I believe Shweta has an unnatural knack of undoing the knots in your mind, at the right time.

Gulika Reddy
Gulika ReddyFounder, Schools of Equality

Shweta is an exceptional coach and shifted what can feel like a daunting process and what is riddled with a feeling of "stuckness", feel instead like a process that allows your imagination, and sense of joy and meaning to come alive and guide you. She is an ideal coach for anyone who needs help finding their purpose and identifying what will help them thrive.

Joanna Davis, MCC (Mentor)
Joanna Davis, MCC (Mentor)Co-founder, Compassion in Coaching

Mentoring Shweta has been an immense pleasure for me. She fully immerses herself into each coaching engagement as a supportive partner to her clients, listening intently, offering keen observations, asking evocative questions, and tactfully challenging beliefs, while creating a safe and inviting space for her clients to fully open up and explore their inner landscape. Shweta’s acceptance, calm, curiosity, connectedness, and sense of fun engender a sense of trust and deeper discoveries for her clients.

Saloni Mehta
Saloni MehtaEntrepreneur

My first tryst with clearly articulating my purpose happened when I worked with Shweta. I had a newfound energy around my business. It has helped me define how I conduct myself, my intention as well as how I do my work. I noticed that I instantly started attracting the right clients, and found it easier to walk away from the wrong deals to create space for the right work. I’ve traversed the journey from quitting my job to being a second chance entrepreneur. The second time round the same work with purpose is giving me infinite fulfilment and joy, far more value to my clients, and I find myself working with people I intrinsically like, who teach me something new everyday. The articulation of purpose sits in front of me everyday to remind me of the why of what I do!!

Kanchan Lall
Kanchan LallDirector, Partnerships and Operations, The Education Alliance

Shweta has a very simple and powerful way of guiding her sessions to help think through things in a very logical and structured manner, as well as create greater self-awareness. Each session has been a journey of self-discovery, uncovering new ways of thinking about complex ideas and looking at ideas with a fresh perspective. After each session I have walked away with some concrete realisations and action items. The entire process of coaching and aligning with my colleagues under Shweta’s guidance has been an extremely positive and constructive experience. I hope that the tools and techniques that I learn from here will always guide me.

Megha Srinivasan
Megha SrinivasanDirector, Strategy & State Programs, The Education Alliance

My coaching sessions with Shweta have come at a point when my organization is crossing an inflection point - we are one of the few organizations to have grown 3x (in terms of size) during the Covid-19 pandemic. At this juncture, being a part of the senior leadership team, I've had to dabble with key questions around myself as well as the organization - how do I tap into my inherent potential to lead the organization to the next level of growth? How can I build the right sort of team? How do I keep the core values of the organization intact as we continue to grow? How do I overcome personal biases/ shortcomings to be the best version of myself? And my conversations with Shweta have helped me navigate these questions in a safe space, with absolutely no judgements. Shweta only enables you to find your own answers and she does it so effectively. It has been a wonderful few months so far and I look forward to the next phase of my journey with The Core Questin!

Parul Bajaj
Parul BajajProgram Manager, Education, Tata Trusts

The coaching journey with Shweta started in a phase of life when I wanted to give my professional pursuits a whole new push. The focus of Shweta's coaching on purpose as a theme has helped me apply purpose in a much deeper way. That we come back many times in every session to who I am as a person - my core strengths, my values, and my hope for myself - makes the conversations originate from the best of me. I value much what Shweta brings to every session - simple strategies to make us connect with the core of ourselves, her complete faith in your potential, her giving 101% to the sessions, and her amazing ability to learn and synthesize. Together, we have visited and explored lands crucial to my professional development - my future self, aspects like my relationship with money or my areas of improvement, and most importantly my professional goals. I feel grateful for the outstanding coach I have had in Shweta.

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